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How It Works

Getting an online loan can be fast and easy, even for people who have a poor credit score. For whatever reason your credit history is bad, you are still eligible to send us your online request for bad credit loans. We will do our best to get you in touch with a reputable lender, so that you won’t have to waste another minute worrying about money. Take advantage of our easy-to-use system to send us your completed request form today. You can find out very quickly if there is a lender who may prepare the fast loan you need.

Getting Your Personal Loan

  • Complete an online inquiry form to learn if you can be approved for a bad credit loan.
  • For people who pre-qualify, you could be surprised by a fast loan offer. You do not have to sign anything – it’s your choice if to accept the offer or not.
  • Review the loan’s terms and if you agree, go ahead and sign.
  • After signing the offer, the lender will provide you with a schedule of payments. You can collect the money and spend it on whatever you need.

Getting Bad Credit Loans

Send your online request form to us

Get approved by a lender and sign

Collect your cash

More About Our Service

Take advantage of free of charge service at Premium Cash Advance. We do our best to find you a lender who may help you even today.

We Welcome Various Credit Types

Don’t worry about your credit score, send us your online inquiry form today! We will share it with lenders who might be able to help you.

Quick and Easy Inquiry Form

The online request form is very short and simple. Spend a few minutes filling it out and you’re done!

Totally Confidential

We want you to feel secure that when you send us your private details, we will protect them from prying eyes. Your form will be fully encrypted for your security and safety.

Poor Credit Score? Let Us Help!

We know there can be situations beyond our control that can make it really hard to keep up with bills and expenses. If you fall behind in payments or send in a bill after the due date, you can very easily end up with a poor credit score. We understand that in this day and age, keeping your head above water can be difficult.

If you’re in a tight financial spot and you need money quickly, let us help you find an online lender. Your first step is to send your online request form to us at Premium Cash Advance. We’ll be happy to send out your details to our extensive list of trusted lenders.

Remember that you won’t be obligated to sign any offer, so you aren’t under any pressure. Whatever offer you get will include all fees and charges upfront, so that you understand exactly what you’ll need to pay. Take advantage of our loan referral service for free – we do it at no charge. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Take the first step to cash by completing the short inquiry form and submitting it to us at Premium Cash Advance.

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